Trember GmbH,
   Mauerstrasse 83, 

10117 Berlin

Registered at the local court Charlottenburg Berlin, 
HRB 205412 B
   Responsible for own contents of trember according to § 55 RStV:

Dr. Nikolai Riesenkampff 

Managing Director/CEO: 
Dr. Nikolai Riesenkampff 


Berlin, 22 October 2019
No more tedious group chats and endless WhatsApp messages. No more socialising online – real life is calling! At least that’s what Jonathan Streubel imagined. The 16-year-old from Berlin is giving young people a hip, new tool that offers a quick and easy way to plan meet-ups and events with friends. His app, trember, is meant for real hugs instead of the hugging face emoji and shifts the focus from online to offline. trember is all about making zero-fuss arrangements to meet up in the real world: it’s ideal for social gatherings big or small, planned or spontaneous. A social network that brings its users out into the world – the made-in-Berlin alternative to WhatsApp, Facebook and others. The app is available now free of charge in App Stores for Android and iOS. 

Social Media: the death of real social interaction
“Making plans with friends over WhatsApp can be so annoying! Spam-filled group chats and important information that is always getting lost. It makes it really complicated to make plans, especially when you just want to get together spontaneously for no reason in particular”, explains Jonathan Streubel. The idea came to him while on a year abroad in the USA. Other exchange students return with new language skills and fond memories – but Jonathan, then 15, came home with a solution to a common problem. Together with his father, the entrepreneur Nikolai Riesenkampff (whose achievements include co-founding the payment service Skrill), he made his app idea a reality and has been involved in every decision since – not a bad idea, since as a member of Generation Z, Jonathan knows what young adults want and what they don’t. 

In real life in just a few clicks
Whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment trip to the cinema, a football match or a long-planned birthday party, trember allows young people and adults to make plans easily. Simply create an event, invite friends and you’re off. People who are not (yet) on trember can also be notified. Annoying floods of messages? Not on trember! Only people who have confirmed can post in the chat. Those who can’t make it don’t get spammed with messages. Make plans quickly and easily with just a few clicks. The app acts as a digital springboard for more time and personal relationships in real life. That’s what makes trember different from other social platforms. The app also provides inspiration for ways to spend your free time in the local area. 

Taking social interaction offline
“What we’re offering with trember is an alternative to WhatsApp groups and other social networks that allows people to make plans and meet up with friends. trember is simple, fast and fun”, adds Nikolai Riesenkampff. From online to offline. trember has its finger on the pulse, at a time when increasing numbers of young people are taking a break from the digital world. In any case, Jonathan has big plans: he wants to take the service international as early as 2020.